The SHAPE of the Church
developed by Robert J. Young


Note: Some of the materials on this page reflect The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren (Zondervan, 1995). These materials were developed after study of that work, with additional reflections.

The Shape of a Christian is determined by--

The Shape of a Christian begins with the foundation and builds upward.
Consider the elements of our "shape" in reverse order.

Questions of "shape" may also be applied to the church. The congregational body of Christ in every location is also a mixture of spiritual gifts, abilities, heart, personality, and shared experiences. Building upon an awareness of these dynamics, every church must ask whether it is structured for control or structured for growth.

Every Christian and every church should be involved in--

These may also be characterized as--

These involve the following--

These describe my efforts to--

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Last updated May 9, 2008.