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Restoration Movement History Links

Note: A current listing of resources devoted to the American Restoration Movement can be obtained through a Google search by typing in the name of any of the following sites. Some of the descriptions used here are edited from the Google descriptions.

Bethany College/Historic Bethany
Bethany College website provides link to Historic Bethany, with information concerning the Campbell Mansion, cemetery, Old Bethany meeting house, various Bethany College buildings, museum visitor and tour information.

Cane Ridge Meeting House
Site shares the history of an early Restoration Movement church building (1791) located near Paris, Kentucky, which was also the site of the Cane Ridge Revival (1801), with museum visitor and tour information.

Restoration History
Includes many of the less known people and movements within the Restoration Movement, women of the movement, leader grave sites, meeting houses, and a series of lessons on the Restoration.

Stone-Campbell Journal
Provides a scholarly platform for biblical interpretation, history, theology, philosophy, apologetics, and cultural criticism. Index of all articles, some available as full text.

Traces Of The Kingdom
Overviews the history of the Churches of Christ in Britain and Europe before the American Restoration Movement.

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