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Thanks for visiting our website! This month’s picture is from the August 2018 retreat of Colombian preachers in Santa Marta. I was honored to be asked to participate. [Click picture to enlarge.]

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Ministry and mission work is a team effort -- Jan and I have shared the work of ministry and missions for 49+ years! Countless people have encouraged us, supported us, loved us, and prayed for us. In addition to the customary "Brother Bob," I am also known as dad and papaw. One of my favorite breakfasts is huevos fritos, frijoles, and tortillas, with a good hot sauce and a cup of rich Colombian coffee! My greatest joy in life is being part of the kingdom; my #1 priority is to advance "kingdom things" and to help develop authentic "kingdom people." I seek to serve and share the good news about Jesus everywhere I go, helping people find Jesus and helping people mature as disciples of Jesus. One of the greatest blessings of my life is to be loved by countless people around the world!


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Archive for May, 2014

It’s Sunday Again: With Pedro Sanchez, my “socio”

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Today I will worship in English at the early service; I will immediately go to the Iglesia de Cristo (Spanish church of Christ) and share a time of Bible study and worship. My good friend and brother, Pedro Sanchez, an elder and evangelist from the Nogales church in Santiago, Chile is in Tulsa. The three days we have to spend some time together will seem too little.
Pedro is unique; praise be to God that he is an elder helping train more church leaders and elders. He has a unique grasp of the word of God. He is vibrant, emotional, powerful in the Word of God.

Being with brothers and sisters is one of the things I most look forward to every Sunday. Each one encourages me and strengthens my faith. Those I get to spend less time with are not more special–but the times we share seem more precious because there are fewer of them. Today I will celebrate my gracious God and what he has done for me in Christ. I will also celebrate the beauty of God’s family, and the beauty of each Christian who crosses my path to show me God’s power.

It’s Sunday Again: I will worship

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

The last twelve psalms of Book II (Psalms 61-72) deserve to be better known than they are in the contemporary church. A personalized reading of the psalm instills in me the desire to worship God with all of my being, committed to praise.

Hear me, O God, listen to my prayer; I call to you when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I, for you have been my refuge, a strong tower against every enemy. Let me dwell in your house forever! Let me take refuge under the shelter of your wings! You, O God, have heard my vows; you have given me a heritage among those who fear your name. Prolong my life; may my influence endure to all generations! As a son of royalty, may I reign forever with my God; appoint steadfast love and faithfulness to watch over me! I will ever sing praises to your name, I will do what I say I will do to bring you glory and honor day after day.

“Dear Heavenly Father, hear us as we call to you. When we are faint and weak, nurture us and protect us, be our refuge and strong tower. We want to know your protection and presence eternally as we walk in the paths of faith. Bless us with the needs of this world, but even more we ask the spiritual blessing of your protecting love and faithfulness. We praise and honor you; we ask your help and forgiveness as we seek to live out in faith our commitment. Today, we worshipfully come into your presence by faith with total adoration and praise, declaring your supremacy, majesty, and splendor, praying In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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