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by Robert J. Young
March 7, 2003
©, 2003, Robert J. Young
[Note: suggested by and edited from Ron Carlson]
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]
I like the word zone. It is fun to say. It is a unique word, it is unlike most other words in the English language. When I was a youngster and we were traveling to grandmother's house, we often played the alphabet game. We tried to find letters of the alphabet in order, and only the first person to see a letter could use it. We were always anxious to be the first to find the signs that read, "Speed Zone Ahead." Getting the "Z" meant being a winner. Sometimes a "Construction Zone" sign would surprise us. If we were going through a town, we might find a school zone sign. That was a pretty simple time--speed zones, school zones, time zones, end zones, no parking zones. I think TV introduced the complexity with the "Twilight Zone."

Now we live in a "zoned" world--free trade zones, smoke-free zones. Schools are surrounded by drug-free zones and weapons-free zones. People even "zone" out.

I have some other ideas that could be helpful. What about drug-free zones in our neighborhoods? I like the idea of violence-free zones. When I am in a public place, I often long for a curse-free zone. I currently live in an exercise-free zone which I need to escape, and my physical health could likely be improved by designating my easy chair a sugar-free and fat-free zone. Some might want a caffeine-free zone, but I'll just continue to live in my coffee-zone if it's all the same to you.

The church could be a source of some needed "free zones." A worry-free zone could be a nice addition to our world; likewise an abuse-free zone. The church, Spirit-led and Christ- centered, could be a judgmental-free and hate-free zone. The church could be a safe zone. A large enough dose of grace, love, and acceptance could make it so. Unfortunately, the church will never be a trouble-free zone as long as we are on planet Earth. Equally unfortunately, for many the church has not proved a safe zone. Broken, searching folks have found the church a place of judgment, rejection, and abuse. Maybe it's because some church folks insist on living in the Spirit-free zone.

Is it time for you to change zones? Changing zones can be disorienting. My wife and recently moved from the eastern time zone to the central time zone. Some things are hard to get used to. Transferring out of darkness into light is a positive move, but not easy. Escaping Satan in favor of God's dear Son is valuable. Changing zones is never easy--especially if you skip across half a dozen or more time zones in one flight--but sometimes it's essential. Could you combat the troubles of our world and your life with a zone transfer? Submit your application to Jesus.

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