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A Christian's Prayer

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Lord, create within me a pure heart, that from it may come precious thoughts, ideals higher than this earth, and make it a fit temple for the indwelling of Thy Spirit.

Implant within me a faith that will trust in Thee fully; that will rely upon Thee in times of distress; that will praise Thee in times of rejoicing; that will lead me into Thy labor where few people have dared to launch; and that will be constantly growing in anticipation of those eternal glories promised in Thy Holy Word.

Cause me to be meek and humble that I may diligently seek out my faults and acknowledge them to Thee; that I may realize my extreme weakness and Thy exceeding power.

Give me a deep reverence for Thy Word, that as I study and meditate upon it, I may be convicted of sin; that I may live a closer life of fellowship with Thee; that my soul may magnify Thee and find an ever-abiding peace and hope by a closer walk with Thee daily.

Mold within my a heart of love that I may live a more devoted life unto Thee; that I may keep all of Thy holy commandments and rejoice in the salvation that Thou hast prepared.

Grant unto me a burning desire to preach the pure gospel to a lost and dying world; that I may be willing to resign the luxuries of this life, as did Thy Son, for a life of faithful and devoted service to Thee; and may all my desires and ambitions be swallowed up in this, and that I may live and preach the whole gospel message of Him who loved me and gave Himself for me, and through Whom I pray. Amen.

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