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That's A Wrap!

by Robert J. Young
©, 2002, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

That's a wrap! May I give a familiar phrase a new meaning? The plaque on our wall says "A day hemmed with prayer seldom unravels." We want to pray, but we often don't pray. We take for granted the importance of a daily quiet time, but our day is never quiet at any time. We trade busyness for the Father's business. We succumb to the tyranny of the urgent. Here is a simple suggestion for securely wrapping your day with God.

Withdraw. This may be more mental than physical. If God allows you the luxury of physical isolation, celebrate your time alone with God. If the busyness of life demands your perpetual presence, withdraw emotionally and mentally. It won't take more than a minute. Get rid of the noise. Be still. Be quiet. Breathe deeply. Listen.

Read or Remember. Read a section of Scripture. Consider carrying a small pocket text. Or simply remember a favorite text. Listen to God. Spend a minute or two reading or remembering the word of God. What is God saying?

Apply. Think about what this word from God means for your life. How are you being asked to change? What is the challenge you must accept? Is there sin to confess? Promise to claim? Command to obey? Are you being asked to commit? Take a minute or two to meditate about this word from God in your life.

Pray. Take a minute or two to pray. This is your opportunity to talk to God. You can praise, you can make requests, you can give thanks, you can pray for others. Conclude by personally thanking God for this brief time, for his word, and for his guidance. Recommit your day and your life to him.

Five minutes in the morning, five minutes during the day, and five minutes in the evening before bed can give new vitality to your spiritual life. Why not begin today to WRAP your day with God?

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Last updated January 24, 2002.