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A Vision Worthy of our God

by Robert J. Young
October 7, 2003
©, 2003, Robert J. Young

[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Paul wrote to the Philippians that they should live a life worthy of the gospel. More familiar to most are Paul's words to the Ephesians that they should live worthy of their calling. I want to add a third (uninspired!). We should have a vision worthy of our God.

Business and organizations across our nation are developing mission statements. I see them everywhere I go--in hospitals, businesses, even in the USPS! We reworked the mission statement at OVC a couple of years ago. Large companies may pay experts thousands of dollars to capture in a few words a unique, memorable purpose statement that defines a niche and sets them apart from the rest. Sometimes the cost per word is astronomical! While such purpose statements are shared with customers as a description of the company's commitment to service, the real value is internal. A company filled with employees who know what main thing is can keep the main thing the main thing. The application is clear: when everyone knows what the church is about, we can work together toward that goal.

We have been talking recently about our purpose. While we are waiting on God in expectant prayer this fall, praying for new life and revival of hearts, we are seeking to define a purpose consistent with the purpose of God. We are sharing a vision, capturing a concept in as few words as possible, developing a logo and memorable description of the main goal of this church, working to define and sharpen ministries to help reach that goal. We are committed to prayer for powerful ministry and personal involvement.

We are praying that this will be God's vision, not ours. We want to commit to God's priorities in our world. We want to live out God's purposes in our lives. We are people of light in a world of darkness. Because we follow that one who is the "Light of the World," we also are called to be the light of the world. This is the idea behind the logo that was unveiled at our September congregational meeting.

I hope you have been thinking and praying about the challenge which was issued a few weeks ago. Here's where I am in my reflections on this theme: I am committed to seeking the light, shining the light, and sharing the light. We are called to be light. The Main and Oklahoma church is called by God to light the way to the Light of the World.

Where there's just a little bit of light, it's not dark anymore. Remember that negatives are developed in the dark. May we be children of light, walking in the light. Let us continue to pray for a vision worthy of our God.

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