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Vioxx and Sin

by Robert J. Young
©, 2006, Robert J. Young

[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Merck wrecked its stock value when it announced that their product Vioxx increased chances of heart failure and contributed to heart attacks. They immediately took the drug off the market, devastating stockholders, and bringing fear to those who have taken the drug--more than 10% of the American population. The explanation of how this could happen is that the product was made available prior to long-term testing, that the initial testing was considered sufficient for use of the drug, and that the long-term issue did not surface until now.

Carlos Lozano wrote an excellent article that paralleled this experience with Vioxx to the nature of sin. Many people are willing to experiment with sin because the short-term results seem so positive. They see on the news, on the television, and in the lives of their friends and family the seeming result-joy, removal of unhappiness, solutions for sorrow, grief, guilt, and rotten feelings. While they may note that the cost of sin is a little high, they are willing to pay the price because the results seem so positive. Sin seems a better alternative than the ongoing struggles of life. The side-effects seem miniscule.

The long-term studies about sin have been in for a long time. It seems that some people just aren't willing to read the studies. And we acertainly can't depend on the manufacturer (Satan) to pull SIN from the market. Sin leads to death. Sin should be avoided. However, the long-term effect is so invisible that people are still willing to toy with SIN because the effects seem so unlikely. After all, not everyone has heart failure or heart attacks as a result of taking VIOXX. Some think they will take SIN for just a little while, and then get off of it before it is too late.

God know that prolonged exposure to sin is detrimental to our physical bodies, and also to our souls. God wants us to decide against sin, and to depend on him, but the choice is ours. Satan is not going to take SIN off the market. It's going to remain on the shelf. It will be an option. Remember that its effects are certain and lasting.

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Last updated November 7, 2006