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Today I will be a conditions, no reservations, no expectations. I will simply be a friend!
Nothing my friend does can change that. My friend doesn't have to follow my script to be my friend.
Friendship does not grow out of making demands on others; it grows out of who I am.
Today I will be a friend.

Today I will change my life and my family's life with just sixty seconds.
Today I will look deep into their eyes in a way that they will know that nothing and no one else in all the world is in my mind but them. In a way that makes the world stand a way that says more powerfully than all words or gifts could ever say, "I love you!"
Today I will change my life.

Today I will build my marriage.
Marriage means a man and a woman looking deep into each other's eyes, and saying, "I'll never leave you. Others may come and go in life, but I never will. For no reason, never! If you wrinkle, I'll love you. If you fail, I'll stay with you. If you get sick, I'll feed you, bathe you, sit up with you, do anything for you--except leave you. I will never leave you!"

Today I will do something important rather than just responding to all the urgent demands. I will take time for my family, I will write that letter to my friend, I will make that important phone call, I will do some things that will make today count.
And I will feel better--no guilt, no more procrastination. I will have the energy for the things I have to do. I did not make this day, but I am not going to let today make me.
Today I will do something important.

Today I will not compromise my life.
I will not compromise my integrity, I will not compromise my commitment to people I love, I will not compromise the value of any human being.
Today I will affirm life; I will reach for the stars. I may not get one, but I will not come up with a handful of mud.
Today I will not compromise my life.

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Last updated November 23, 2001.