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Rate Yourself
author unknown

Am I so critical that I see a person's weak points and ignore his good qualities?

Am I so childish that everyone has to handle with caution to keep me from getting mad?

Am I so sensitive that I make myself miserable by taking in a personal way everything that is said by others?

Am I always thinking that everyone is out of step but me, and that I could be happy if everyone would just do right (follow my rules)?

Do I hurt people with sharp, caustic remarks?

Do I have bottled up inside me a feeling of hostility toward anyone?

Do I repeat that which should be kept secret and then explain myself, saying, "but it's the truth"?

Do I participate when the good reputation of another is being undermined, or do I attempt to quench the evil?

Do I follow after things that make for peace, or do I say and do things that promote strife?

Can I help the church grow by changing my life and becoming more godly and Christ-like?

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Last updated November 28, 2001.