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Psalm A-Z: A Contemporary Acrostic Psalm

by Robert J. Young
©, 2003, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Anyone could praise your name, God,
   all who would obey.
But few are inclined today, to
   build lives around a
Center such as your anointed chosen
   Christ, your ultimate
Declaration of your nature, the ultimate
   demonstration of your
Eager desire, to
   engage us, to
Find us, and to
   fulfill us.

God, we find ourselves in awe-ful un-
   godliness, reflecting our world more than your
   Help us.

In sober moments of reflections such as these,
   Instinctively I feel the emptiness.
Jesus Christ, has
   joined the human dilemma, but divinely
Kept himself from being overcome by sin? What
   kind of good news is this? In our
Likeness, so that we can be
   like him?
Newness possible for me?

O God, open my mind.
   Operate in my life afresh.
Provide your empowerment.
   Prove yourself where I can see, despite my
Questionings, so that I can end my
   quest to fill the emptiness.
   Surely I do not understand clearly
This good news, of a goodness better than life itself.
   Thanksgiving floods my soul.

Understanding is not easy, and the
   unction you give in your Spirit seems unreal.
Victory is not certain, and the
   value you have placed on me is too high.

When will I see?
   Where are you taking me?
Examine my heart.
   Expose my inner being. It is enough.
Your love is sufficient, and my
   yearning is strong.
Zealously will I seek you because I now know you are the
   zenith, the high point of my life, of everything.

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Last updated March 7, 2003.