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Evaluating Your Spiritual Portfolio

by Robert J. Young
July 1, 2003
©, 2003, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

One of the things that happens when you move is that you have to find new networks and new people to help with some of the important things in your life. Deciding on a new church home is an important decision. It is no easy thing to find a good hairdresser or mechanic. We also have a new financial consultant, and he has been trying to help us with our little portfolio. We feel fortunate to have any portfolio at all. Lots of people have lost a lot of money in the last few years. Our financial consultant tells us we should reevaluate our investments and make the necessary changes. The key word is balance.

You may or may not have a portfolio; yours, like ours, may be small. Or perhaps God has blessed you so that you have a lot of financial resources. Regardless of our situations financially, all would do well to examine their spiritual portfolio. This portfolio is much more important than physical or fiscal resources. Consider the following truths, meditate on their importance, and resolve to think afresh about spiritual realities beginning today!

I. For some reason, most people today neglect their spiritual portfolio more than their financial portfolio.

II. Many people fail to realize that the potential from managing one's spiritual portfolio well is much greater than in the financial portfolio.

III. The rewards from managing one's spiritual portfolio are greater, longer lasting, and more permanent.

IV. The recommended method of managing these portfolios is similar--we need a balanced approach. Financially, this means holding some equities and some fixed income items; balancing the large cap, mid-cap and small cap investments; finding a good mix of growth, blended, and income approaches with value in mind; developing the right mix of liquid and illiquid assets; and taking into account one's asset base, including property, along with adequate insurance to handle life's unexpected events.
Spiritually, balance is suggested in the following.

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