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Just Thinking...About God and My Telephone

by Robert J. Young
©, 2006, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

We can tell the elections are not far away. You havae likely had this experience or one similar in recent days. You sit down for supper and the phone rings. When you answer, the caller says, "I am calling to see if Candidate X can count on your vote." The caller might start with some ridiculous questions such as, "Are health care and the environment important to you?" or "Do you care about our children and schools?" Such calls are even more irritating when the message is recorded.

The most irritating is a problem we have had with our phone service since we moved into our present house (with a new phone number). The phone rings, and when we answer we are presented with a series of beeps and elongated tones. Especially irritating is that these can occur any time of the day or night.

As irritating as these may be, you can hang up at any time. If you are concerned that the caller might count you rude, you can ask them to call back when it is more convenient.

Have you ever considered what it would be like if God employed the same tactics as those running for office or those supporting particular ballot propositions? What if He called and asked, "I am hoping that Jesus can count on you to be in worship on Sunday." Or "Can the church count on you for the important project that is coming up next month?" What if he asked, "I am sure that issues like personal commitment, temptation, and raising children in a Godly environment are important to you, aren't they?" What if He made a plea for you to get involved in calling others to get the "word" out?

Would you return to the supper table and say, "I wish He wouldn't call when I'm eating"? Do you ever seek to tell God that right now is not a convenient time for you to get involved or to give? Or, might you be tempted to sigh, "I will be so glad when He and the church decide to leave me alone."

I suppose you could hung up on God. But you are too polite to do that, so you might instead skip this Sunday's services and hope that a volunteer for whatever is going on will be found among those present.

Oh, it isn't as if the issues of eternal life and condemnation and righteousness aren't important to us. We simply are too busy right now to give them any attention. Later on, when the kids are gone, or when we retire, or when we feel a little better we will hop in there and will be as committed as anyone they have ever seen. Until then, couldn't I just get by with a little donation? If I give you a few dollars more on Sunday, would you be content to forget to ask me to get involved?

Some people tell the pollsters, "I am as involved as I want to be." Some tell God the same thing. But, for many....maybe it's a good thing God doesn't try to reach us by phone calls.

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Last updated November 7, 2006