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Seven Characteristics of Effective Mothers

by Robert J. Young
September 15, 2003
©, 2003, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

You may be thinking, "Another list of seven! Enough is enough." Let me note that this list of seven did not develop as a result of following the host of other "seven" books that have arisen since Covey's "Seven Habits..." Rather, the list has seven items because there are seven letters in the word "mothers."
The other day, someone commented to me, "Your mother would be very proud of you." I said, "She was proud of me." I wish I had said, "I was proud of her." I am proud of my mother. I am proud of the home she provided. My mother was special. I hope yours was too. Consider these key words and characteristics of effective mothers, and give thanks to God for your mother.

Effective mothers are MODELS. They are models in many ways, but it is especially significant that they are filled with compassion and passion. They are emotionally strong and able to teach others about feelings.

Effective mothers are very concerned about OTHERS. They put their family first; they have their priorities in order.

Effective mothers are THERE. They are always there when needed. They can be depended on, and those around them know and appreciate their availability.

Effective mothers build a HOME more than a house. Effective mothers are concerned about their families. They know how to encourage their HUSBANDS. I know that some very effective mothers do not have a husband in the home (mine did not), but I believe mothers are better when there are husbands. The home is complete and feels like a home. That is God's plan. We ought to thank God also, however, for mothers who must be both mother and father in building the home.

Effective mothers know how to ENCOURAGE. They are cheerleaders for their kids. They encourage their children's friends. They are a mother to many.

Effective mothers are RISK-takers. They are willing to go out on a limb for things that matter.

Effective mothers are SPIRITUAL. They are spiritually strong. They have a meaningful relationship with God. Their priorities include the spiritual life.

Certainly one could say many other things in praise of mothers. You can undoubtedly add to the list. Meanwhile, be thankful for your mother and try to live in a way that reflects her positive influence in your life.

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