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Jesus is Everything We Need

compiled by Robert J. Young
©, 2002, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted--
this list was developed from a variety of sources with original material included]

Jesus is Everything We Need

We experience inadequacy, He is the Abundant life
In a world of questions, he is the Answer
We hunger for fulfillment, he is the Bread of Life
We mourn, and he is the supreme Comforter
In this world of death, he is the one who was Dead, but is now alive, and lives forever more
In this temporary world, he is the one who ignites the spark of Eternity
We need forgiveness, he Forgives
We falter under the shackles of sin, and he is the one who bring Freedom
We falter under our burdens, he is the Good Shepherd
Our world is helpless, hopeless, he is Help and Hope
In a world without God, he is the Immanuel presence of God
In a world of injustice, he is Justice
In a world of darkness, he is Light
We cling to love, he is the one who defined and demonstrated Love
Our world faces meaninglessness, he is life's Meaning
We know in our heart of hearts that we need mercy, and he is Merciful
We year for peace in our world, he is the one who brings genuine Peace
In a world of unrighteousness, he is Righteous
We reach out to him, and he Reaches out for us
We seek significance, he is the one who gives Significance
In our world asking, What is truth? he is Truth
We want to win, he is the source of Victory
We long for heaven, he is the Way

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