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Problems in Evangelism

by Robert J. Young
©, 2006, Robert J. Young

[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Everybody's talking about it; few are doing it. Why is evangelism so hard? Why is it so mysterious? What is so difficult about "good news-ing?" Why is the news of the gospel so hard to share? In this article, I address two possible problems: the receivers and the sharers.

Sometimes evangelism is difficult because of "receiver" problems. Think about some of the "receiver" problems.

Those of who wish to share the good news must certainly be aware of the possible problems among receivers, especially when we have within our power the ability to correct those problems and help others hear. Since most readers of this article will serve as sharers, it is even more vital that we understand the challenges confronting those who share the message.

Consider this list of possible "sharer" problems.

Would it help if I made it personal? Fill in the blanks. I have talked to _____ people about their soul and things eternal. I have brought ____ people to Christ.

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Last updated November 7, 2006