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by Robert J. Young
©, 2001, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

I need not tell you--deacons are scriptural. The early church had deacons, and those deacons were special servants. The deacons of the early church were not the elders (bishops) (Phil. 1:1). They evidently served under the leadership of the elders; thus they were submissive servants.

A brief article cannot share all the Bible says about deacons, but we can understand some of what Scripture says about deacons.

  • 1. Deacons are servants. In fact, that is what the word means. It is sometimes translated minister, sometimes translated servant. A deacon who is "deac-ing" must be serving. It is not prestige, position, power, or prominence. It is servitude. Deacons in that sense symbolize Christianity--they are servants, they are slaves.
  • 2. Deacons are solutions. Some Spirit-filled men were chosen in Acts 6; they are called deacons. Regardless of whether they were ‘official' deacons, we can profit from a study of these special servants. These men were selected to be solutions. Deacons ought never to be problems; they ought to be solutions. Deacons are the key to getting the work of the church done.
  • 3. Deacons are spiritual. A spiritual work can never be done with unspiritual men. Pray for deacons and their families that they might be spiritual people.
  • 4. Deacons are sober. This is not somber, but sober. 1 Timothy 3 declares that deacons are to be qualified. They are students, they are sincere, they are serious. Deacons are not dead, they are the life of the church.
  • 5. Deacons are super. This is Scripture, at least Scripture doesn't use this word to describe deacons. This is my word. Deacons are super.

    Deacons ought not to be treated like the third verses of some of our songs (ignored). Deacons are a key. The church is seldom stronger than her deacons. Deacons are out in front leading, showing the way, encouraging, involving the body in ministry. Then elders can shepherd, preachers can preach, and the church can grow.

    Thank God for deacons. Say thank you to those who serve. Pray for them; pray for their families. Express appreciation. Deacons "go the second mile" to do the work for which they have been selected, to do the work they have accepted.

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