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A Bright Spot

by Robert J. Young
©, 2006, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Whether the political winds blow in the direction you prefer or not, there is one statistic that should brighten the day of all Christians. Much of the data about the attitudes of our nation points to a concern with morality. Voters name morality as one of their most important concerns. Politicians may talk and argue about many things, but most people want a more moral nation. It is encouraging to know that those around our church buildings and next door to church members are thinking about the importance of morality. Concern for family values is also increasing. The current issue of a national news magazine quotes an advisor of one of the political parties:
"People fear losing control of their families and their kids. They want to keep their families safe" - not only from violence but from negative influences in society. Then the advisor lists such issues as the coarsening of the culture, the deterioration of standards in the mass media, and unsavory influences on children in schools and elsewhere (U.S. News and World Report, April 17, 2006, p. 22).

People are eager to correct the slide into immorality, because, as one author described it, "they have seen the half-time football programs that offend all that is decent. They have turned off the 'specials' that parade mostly naked women in an effort to sell what little they are wearing. They have resisted the temptation of pornography on the internet. They are making a political statement to those who support ending the lives of the innocent unborn. They are walking away from those who would make a mockery of God's institution by taking what the Bible calls an abomination and calling it a marriage. They are rejecting those who act immorally in office and claim that it does not reflect on their ability to govern.

"The majority of the citizens in our nation believe in God. They want prayer in all places, including their schools. They support seeing the 10 Commandments in their cities' courtyards. They pledge allegiance to a nation that places itself 'under God.' They want money that reminds them that it is 'in God we trust.' They want God back in their country because they have seen what happens to their streets when God is absent. Interestingly, many or perhaps most of them are unchurched. They want the right things, but they do not know the right way to achieve righteousness. They are like sheep without a shepherd. They are like a great field of grain ready to be harvested, but the laborers who reap are few.

Christians, we need to get out there before Satan clouds over the bright spot."


Note: Much of the last two paragraphs is borrowed from an author whose identity is not known to me since the words were sent my email without the author's name attached.

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