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by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

I think autumn is my favorite time of year. The hot, humid days and sweltering nights of summer are being replaced rapidly by cool, crisp mornings. The friendly afternoon breezes are already beginning to loosen the colorful leaves that decorate the landscape. I'm thankful for the color, because much of summer's colorful floral bouquet is disappearing. The last of the harvest must soon be laid by, the garden's fruitfulness is waning in the early dusk and longer nights.

The firewood is cut, the pumpkins are getting bigger, the drums from the high school band echo through the cool stillness of the Friday night air as cheering crowds enjoy another gridiron clash. Jack Frost will soon make his first visit, and Thanksgiving can't be far away!

The pageantry of fall is splendid. All of nature is getting ready for winter--busy squirrels are stocking pantries with nuts, hibernating creatures are taking a final stretch before curling up for a long winter's nap, overhead the geese are winging southward in their annual pilgrimage. Nature knows-- without instruction nor urging, but instinctively. The rituals of the season are ignored by none.

The geese are impressive as they wing toward warmth. Scientists have discovered reasons in their flight patterns. Did you know they rotate leadership, so none gets too tired in flying "point"? Did you know the V-formation creates an updraft that makes it easier for those behind, increasing the range of the entire group by 71%? Did you know that those behind do the honking which some scientists believe may be designed to give encouragement?

As we press into the gusty winds of autumn, let us not forget that we need one another. That is the nature of family, the nature of community. Fall's rituals remind me, and I get a fresh surge of strength.

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Last updated September 29, 2012