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Reconsidering Worship

by Robert J. Young
©, 2002, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

In view of the many articles and discussions which continually call us to rethink worship, I find stability, balance, and understanding in the words of John Henry Jowett. I share them for your consideration.

"It was a teaching of the old rabbis that no one should make a thoroughfare of the temple, or enter it with dust upon his feet.
"Let me not enter the temple as a mere passage to something else....And let me not carry the dust of the world onto the sacred floor.
"Let me wipe my feet. Let me sternly shake off some things--all frivolity, indifference, the spirit of haste and self-seeking. Let me not defile the courts of the Lord. And let me remember that the whole earth is full of His glory. Everywhere, therefore, I am treading the sacred floor!
"Lord, teach me this high secret! Then shall I not demean the temple into a market, but I shall transform the market into a temple."

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Last updated January 8, 2002.