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While We Sleep!

by Robert J. Young
©, 2002, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

An excellent article by Mack Lyon reminds us that evil makes inroads and threats come to the church "while men sleep." How do weeds get among the wheat (Matt. 13:25)? Men are asleep. How does abortion become an acceptable means of population control with euthanasia a close second? Christians sleep. Why does homosexuality gain acceptance, sex without marriage become common behavior, and teenage pregnancy reach epidemic proportions? Christians sleep in apathy. How can one explain the addiction of our society to pornography and gambling while alcohol is the number one health problem? "While men slept...."

Christians, awake! What is occurring in our society is not just a little problem that will be overcome with some behavioral therapy in our Bible classes. The threat is real. Christians, especially young people, are being captured on every hand. The battle is not for morality or ethics or relationships. Make no mistake about it--this battle is for the mind. Mack writes:

It is much easier to correct symptoms than to deal with causes. The threat before us has been building for at least half a century. The minds of America have been closed, twisted, and blinded. Feelings are easier to develop than learning, so our society follows what feels good at the moment with little if any concern for consequences. Sermons are subtly changed because they are now judged as emotional experiences rather than encounters with the holy God and his word. "Bible" classes exist at every age level where students never open a Bible. The impotent church is a laughingstock in our society. The foundations are eroded because the only firm foundation is Christ Jesus, the living Word of God, who points us to the written Word of God.

When will we awaken? In the first century, Christians turned the world upside down by preaching Jesus. Thousands became followers of Christ. The official position of the church was confrontation without compromise or retreat. Idolatry, evil, paganism, heathen practices, immorality, and godlessness were confronted on every hand with the Word of God. Because their first priority was proclaiming God's Word and living for the Word, they made a difference. We too can make a difference in our world--when our priority matches theirs!

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Last updated January 8, 2002.