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The Best Years Are Yet To Come!

by Robert J. Young
©, 2001, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

The challenge contained in the commencement speaker's talk seemed unbelievable to most of the 18-year-old seniors forced to endure the rigors of another speech in order to graduate. Most 18-year olds wonder how it can get any better!

Youth appreciates only with difficulty, if at all, the excitement and adventure of each new year. Only with time does maturity intensify the desire to live fully and use abilities generously.

The year passed has been a good year. Spirituality is focused, generosity increasing, missions momentum mounting, worship meaningful, Bible classes practical, evangelistic endeavors effective. Our leaders are continuing to establish and lead us to new goals and new challenges. The spirit of fellowship and love provides a strong foundation to build upon as more and more people find a home in the strong relationships of this church. Opportunities for service, involvement, belonging, acceptance, and support are bring inquirers and visitors to virtually every assembly.

The decade ahead will present unforeseen challenges and opportunities. Changing times, varying values, and transitional families continue to challenge the church. The unchanging gospel will be sufficient to the task, however, if we will proclaim it mightily with boldness and sensitivity. Our world and community is filled with those who have felt the emptiness of the search for fulfillment in things and experiences.

We can made a difference in lives. Will you commit to regular prayer, Bible study, and personal spiritual growth so that we might, with the power of God, be ready for the task?

As the calendar turns, will you take time to remember the source of every good and perfect gift. God is richly blessing us. Let's not forget to say "thank you."

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Last updated December 2, 2001.