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Is the Church Growing?

by Robert J. Young
©, 2001, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Can you dream? How big? I envision a growing, vibrant church where members are serious about the souls of friends and family.

Willard Collins liked to ask, "Is the church growing?" His observation. "Everywhere I go I ask about church growth. Most people tell me, ‘We are barely holding our own.' Why? We have been lulled to sleep because we are not practicing the real meaning of Restoration. We have been lulled to sleep by practicing a few passages. But we are not complete in restoration. "How can we be so self-satisfied about our going and about doing these other things I've mentioned, and then put so little emphasis on helping to save souls?....
"We will never convert the world until we get back to Acts 1: Jerusalem, the town--Judea, the province around it--Samaria, neighboring provinces--the world!"

I thrill to work with a church that is moving forward, looking forward. Progress is apparent. The only limit on us is us. Our God is not limited! I am thinking about and praying about and dreaming about a growing church. I am working toward it, inviting, encouraging, reinviting. I have a list--neighbors, friends, fallen brothers and sisters. I am writing notes to past contacts. I believe in this church. You and I hold the answer.

If you are not serious about next weekend, it cannot happen. If you say it cannot happen, I know already you are not serious. You will not invite. You will not encourage. You will scoff. You are not hurting about lost souls. You have not thought much about eternity. I pray you will think, pray, invite, grow. God has done and continues to do his part.

What happens will not reflect on our glorious God! It will reflect on you and me. Our God is glorious and powerful, regardless! Let us glorify Him!

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Last updated November 28, 2001.