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Say "I Love You"

adapted by Robert J. Young
[author of italicized story unknown}
©, 2001, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

God's plan for families and marriage is wonderful. We need only to understand and appreciate it to a greater extent. Consider the following:
Carol's husband Jim was killed in any accident last year. Jim, only 52, was driving home from work. A teenager with high blood alcohol hit him. Jim died instantly, while the teenager was treated and released! It was Carol's 50th birthday and Jim had two plane tickets to Hawaii. He was going to surprise her. "How have you survived this?"
With her eyes welling up with tears, she said, "The day I married Jim, I promised I would never let him leave the house in the morning without telling him I loved him. He made the same promise. It got to be a joke among us as babies came along. It got to be a hard promise to keep...running down the driveway...leaving notes in the car...with a mouthful of breakfast...with screaming children and a barking dog.
"It was like a funny challenge. We made lots of memories trying to say "I love you" before noon every day of our married life.
"The morning Jim died, he left a birthday card in the kitchen and slipped out to the car. I heard the engine starting. I raced out to the car and banged on the window until he rolled it down. ‘Here on my 50th birthday, Mr. James E. Garret, I Carol Garret want to go on record as saying I love you.!' That's how I survived, knowing the last words I said to Jim were, ‘I love you.'"

If you love someone, tell them! Call them! Inform them! Notify them! Say it to them! After all who knows what a day may bring forth (Prov. 27:1). Multitudes live every day wishing they had...patched up a difference...said something they were always going to say...buried the hatchet...resolved a problem...made up, but instead they stood over a casket with the opportunity gone forever. Remember what James said ( 4:14-15).

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