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Is the Task Too Big...or Are We Too Small?

by Robert J. Young
©, 2001, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Life constantly confronts us with difficult situations. History reminds us of mankind's struggles; our own experience confirms the fact. Life is filled with difficult challenges and great opportunities. What will we do with them? Is the task before us too big?

What does the Bible say? When the spies returned from their survey of the Promised Land, was the task too great or was their thinking too small? When Peter walked on the water and then sank, was the task too big or was Peter's faith too small? When the apostles attempted to cure an epileptic boy, was the task too large or were they too small? We are not speaking of physical stature, but spiritual. Every life must be measured by "God's spiritual yardstick." Every church must back up to the door frame on occasion.

If I have understood God's assurances, there is no task too big for the people of God. These are not just words of encouragement and motivation. They are truth! God's ability and power are unsurpassed. There is none greater! Faith can overcome the world. They that are with us are more than they that are with the enemy. If we believe, we should be filled with courage, optimism, and joy. There is no place for fear, dismay, and anxiety. God is on our side!

But someone may object, "The task is large!" Agreed! We must not minimize the challenges before us. We cannot afford to hide our heads in the sand and ignore the problems. Sooner or later difficulties must be dealt with. But let's emphasize the solution. There is a solution! With God, all things are possible!

Frankly, it gets my dander up when someone mentions "insurmountable obstacles." A few years ago I saw a book titled Getting a Church Started in the Face of Insurmountable Odds with Limited Resources in Unlikely Circumstances. Testimony to the fact that at least one person believes it can be done. Where is faith? Where is the vitality and life of a belief that drives us to confident action? Do we believe strongly enough to act? Faith demands bold action because of God!

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Last updated November 23, 2001.