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Please, Daddy, Let's Go!

[author unknown]

A little girl with shining eyes...Her upturned face aglow
Said, "Daddy, it's almost time...For Sunday School, you know;
Let's go and hear of Jesus' love...Of how He died for all,
To take them to His home above...Who on His name will call.

"Oh, no," said Daddy, "Not today...I've worked hard all week;
And I must have one day of rest...I'm going to the creek;
For there I can relax and rest...And fishing's good they say.
So run along, don't bother me...We'll go another day."

Months and years have passed away...But Daddy hears that plea no more
"Let's go to Sunday School"...Those childish days are o'er.
And now that Daddy's growing old...And life is almost through
He finds some time to go to church...But what does daughter do?

She says, "Oh, Daddy, not today...Was out almost all night;
I've got to get a little sleep...Besides, I look a fright."

Then Daddy lifts a trembling hand...To brush away the tears;
Again he hears that pleading voice...Distinctly through the years.
He sees a small girl's upturned face...Upturned with eyes aglow,
Saying, It's time for Sunday School...Please, Daddy, won't you go?"

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