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Our world suffers from a multiplication of words. More isn't always better. At times, we need brevity of words and length of thought. Read, think, mediate, change. May God tenderly, lovingly guide us into a New Year that will be our best ever in his service!

The Maker of New Years

[author unknown]

God of the years that lie behind us,
Lord of the years that stretch before,
Weaver of all the ties that bind us,
Keeper and King of the Open Door.

Grant us hope and courage glowing
White and pure as the stars above;
Grant us faith in a full stream flowing,
Down from the heights of thy changeless love.

Out of the ruins of doubt and sorrow,
Out of the aches and pain and tears,
Help us to fashion a new tomorrow
Free from the anguish of blighting fears.

Build with us, lest our great wall crumble,
Broken stone upon useless clay;
Walk with us, lest our slow feet stumble,
Grope, and falter, and lose the way.

All through the seasons of sowing and reaping--
All through the harvest of sin and tears--
Hold us close in thy tender keeping,
O Maker of all New Years!

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Last updated November 23, 2001.