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Just Thinking...About Grandmothers and Mothers

by Robert J. Young
©, 2002, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

My heroes are women! Unusual perhaps, but true. Growing up in a single parent home, with a school teacher mother who was a youngest daughter, we spent summers at grandmother's house. I can identify with Timothy in the influence of his mother and grandmother. My mother and grandmother both knew how to "lay down the law." Perhaps that is what the wisdom writers had in mind when they described the worthy woman, or warned not to "forsake your mother's teaching" (Prov. 1:8). I remember my mother and grandmother. They met physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in my family.

I remember a warm, welcoming kitchen. I do not remember large kitchens. I remember crowded kitchens. I remember the welcoming odors, the always ready snack, the baking and cooking. I remember the early morning smell of bacon, the afternoon freshly squeezed lemonade, the special feeling of warmth. That warmth was a reflection of love.

I remember an understanding heart. When quarrels came, when life was upsetting, when relationships were challenging, their counsel was healing. I still quote the many sayings of my mother and grandmother to my sons and grandchildren and to many others. Those words were a reflection of wisdom.

I remember a life of faith. When life buffeted, an unswerving faith lightened the path. Our family faced fears, difficulties, and dark days, but faith sustained. I am thankful for the example of my heroes. I am thankful for the teaching I received. Abraham Lincoln said, "No man is poor who has a godly mother." I am rich!

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Last updated June 6, 2002.