Syllabus: Senior Seminar/Bible Comprehensive
for Biblical Studies (BA), Bible and Ministry (BS), and Vocational Ministry (BS) Programs

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Ohio Valley College
Bible Program
Class Policies and Syllabus

Course/#: Bible Comprehensive/Senior Seminar, BIB451
Credit hours: 1 hour
Instructor: Program director or appropriate Bible program faculty
Prerequisites: Since this course is designed to be a "cap" course for students seeking a major in Bible, students should be in their final semester as a Bible major. Students following a different schedule must receive Bible program permission to enroll in this course.

Required Textbooks
Holy Bible. [Any translation (but no paraphrases).]

Course Description
This course is designed to overview the student's educational experience at Ohio Valley College and to complement the Professional Seminar (BIB452) which the student should have taken previously or concurrently. As a correlating course, this course continues to encourage and facilitate the student's preparation of a portfolio and resume, and to allow the student the opportunity to reflect upon the impact of that education in future plans. With these in mind, the following components are vital to the class:

Student Expectations
[Student expectations are set forth in the catalog. These paragraphs clarify matters that pertain to this class. Students are encouraged to consult the expectations available on-line at (]
Attendance Policy---The school attendance policy will be followed. Students are expected to attend class as scheduled with no absences. The seminar nature of the class demands such diligence. It is the responsibility of the student to commit to such diligence, and to consult with the instructor in the very unusual situation when an absence must be excused. The student is responsible for obtaining all assignments and completing any work missed.
Classroom Conduct--Students are expected to arrive at class on time. (See the catalog for details.) Students who must arrive late due to unforeseen circumstances are expected to enter class without being disruptive and wait until after class to explain the reason for the tardiness.
Late Assignments---Homework must be turned in on time or early. Students who do not produce and submit timely work will fail the class.
Withdrawal Procedure---Class withdrawal procedures are set forth in the catalog and must be followed. Nonattendance does not constitute official withdraw. The student who neither attends nor drops the class will receive an "F" grade.

Goals and Objectives

Criteria for Evaluation
The successful student will master each of the course objectives to some degree--no items will be omitted. The successful student will cooperate with the professors in a mutually stimulating and exciting learning experience. Evaluation will be based upon mastery of these goals and objectives as reflected in class participation, homework, and other assignments.

Class Requirements

Evaluation will be based on timely submission of the assigned course requirements as listed below.

Grading Scale [% of possible points]

A 93-100% B 84-92% C 75-83% F below 75%

Please Note: This syllabus is an agreement between the student and the instructor of BIB451. The professor reserves the right to amend any or all of this syllabus as he deems necessary during the course of the semester, and will promptly notify all students involved of the changes.

Course Calendar
6th week of semester--Oral Bible Comprehensives begin
[Note: Students should schedule these with the Bible department office.]
10th week of semester--Reflection paper due
12th week of semester--Exit Interviews begin; portfolio and research paper should be completed and presented at the exit interview


Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
If you have a diagnosed disability and need special accommodations, please notify the Office of the Provost before or immediately after your first scheduled class meeting. After your disability has been verified, your instructor will work with you and the Office of the Provost to insure that you have a fair opportunity to perform in the course.

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