Syllabus: Jesus the Master Teacher

Ohio Valley College
Bible Program
General Education--Textual Studies
Class Policies and Syllabus

Course: BIB411, Jesus the Master Teacher
Credit hours: 1 hour
Instructor: Robert J. Young
Semester: Fall, 1999

Prerequisites: Enrollment in student teacher block, or permission

Required Textbooks: Holy Bible.
[Note: Although a preference for the NIV is stated, students may work with whatever translation (no paraphrases) they are most familiar with. Some assignments may be easier if done from the NIV.]
Downs. Teaching for Spiritual Growth

Course Description:
This seminar is designed to guide education majors involved in student teaching through a textual Bible study characterized by independent study that complements their commitment to teaching as a profession. The course reminds students that Jesus was a teacher and surveys the gospels to understand the dynamics used by Jesus the Master Teacher. The course specifically encourages students to become like the Teacher, and thereby to provide for the students they will soon teach a model worthy of emulation.
During the seminar, students are expected to reflect upon how they can become more like Jesus in their chosen profession. Each student will prepare reflections based on pericopes from the gospels, and will in turn lead the seminar in considering various characteristics, qualities, and methods of Jesus, the Master Teacher as he taught lessons about life. The focus will be more on the techniques of teaching than upon the lessons Jesus taught. Students should exit the class with a portfolio of practical material suitable for presentation in teacher training series or classes.
In addition, students will read as widely as practical to grow in their understandings of teaching as a Christian ministry. Such readings will be reported through reading reports and/or reviews.

Student Expectations
[These paragraphs supplement the OVC catalog as it pertains to this class.]
Attendance Policy
The school attendance policy will be followed with the following additions. Students should note that in seminars, evaluation criteria must be heavily weighted in favor of class attendance and participation. Students are expected to attend class regularly. No absences are permitted. Each absence will lower the student's final grade in the course by one letter grade.
In a seminar course, much learning takes place during class. A seminar, with mutual discussion and participation, dictates the necessity of attendance. It is the responsibility of the student to consult with the instructor if an absence occurs. The student is responsible for obtaining all assignments and completing work missed.

Classroom Conduct
Students are expected to arrive at class on time. (See the catalog for details.) If a student must arrive at class late for an unforeseen circumstance, he or she is expected to enter class without being disruptive.

Late Assignments
Homework and presentations must be ready on time. Delayed presentations will require rescheduling and may not be possible late in the seminar. All work must be satisfactorily completed.

Makeup Test Policy
No makeup exams are available.

Withdrawal Procedure
Class withdrawal procedures are set forth in the catalog and must be followed.

Goals and Objectives
1. The student will understand how frequently the NT Gospels describe Jesus as a teacher and be able to distinguish and describe the Greek words translated as "teach."
2. The student will have an increased awareness of the life of Jesus through surveying the Gospels.
3. Each student will participate and demonstrate teaching skills through leading the seminar discussion on a text which reflects some facet(s) of Jesus' teaching style and techniques.
4. Each student will prepare a portfolio with an essay ("Jesus, the Master Teacher") and at least two complete lessons which were presented in seminar. These lessons will be focused on teaching other teachers. These lessons should ideally include objectives, a lesson plan, an expanded outline of materials, and applications. The "cap" project included in the portfolio will be a personal reflection essay titled, "Teaching as a Means for Spiritual Development."
5. Each student should review at least two books (may include the Downs text) providing orientation and understanding of teaching as a Christian ministry and submit written book reviews.
6. Students are encouraged to read widely in integrating spirituality and teaching. Reading reports or an annotated bibliography will count for extra credit. (One-half letter grade (5 points) for an additional reading report or annotated bibliography of items in the OVC library.)
7. Each student will reflect upon teaching as a means for spiritual development.

Criteria for Evaluation
Successful students participate fully in the seminar, making advance preparation for every presentation, leading the seminar willingly and adequately, appreciating the value of the portfolio and presentations produced in the class. Successful students cooperate with the professor in a mutually stimulating, exciting learning experience. Subjective evaluation will be based upon a growing understanding and appreciation of Jesus as a teacher worthy of imitation.

50% Portfolio
20% Presentations
30% Essays (10% & 20%)
20% Written materials outlining in-class presentations
30% Two book reviews and examination over text
100% Total
[Extra credit: Additional reading reports or annotated bibliography]

Grading Scale
A 93-100%
B 86-92%
C 78-85%
D 70-77%
F <70%

This syllabus is an agreement between the student and the instructor of BIBLE 411. The professor reserves the right to amend any or all of this syllabus as he deems necessary during the course of the semester, and will promptly notify all students involved of the changes.


Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
If you have a diagnosed disability and need special accommodations, please notify the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs before or immediately after your first scheduled class meeting. After your disability has been verified, your instructor will work with you and the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs to insure that you have a fair opportunity to perform in the course.


Course Calendar

Seminar 1
Syllabus. Introductory: "Jesus as a teacher, the Master Teacher." The biblical concept of "teaching." Begin Gospels survey.
Do concordance work on teaching, teach, taught, teacher, master, etc. Begin study of gospels. Prepare first essay: "A Teacher Who Is Like Jesus." Begin reading Downs text.

Seminar 2
Discussion: What is teaching? Biblical understandings. Finish gospels survey. Begin discussion of Downs.
Select gospel texts to be used in student presentations. Written summary of presentations due.
Presentations should demonstrate teaching skills and present a text which reflects some facet(s) of Jesus' teaching style and techniques. The focus is on encouraging and helping other teachers. Preparation for presentations must include objectives, a lesson plan, an outline of materials, and applications. Written materials are due at the in-class presentation

Seminar 3
Conclude Downs text discussion. In-class presentations.

Seminar 4
In-class presentations. Final Examination over text. Book reviews and final reflection essay are due.

[All extra credit materials are due by Midterm Friday.]


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