Greek I Syllabus

Ohio Valley College Bible Program
Language Studies--Greek
Class Policies and Syllabus
Course: BIB161, New Testament Greek 1
Credit hrs.: 3 hours
Instructor: Robert J. Young
Semester: Fall, 2000
Time: MWF, 2:00-2:50 p.m.; lab TR 1:30-2:20
Prerequisites: None

Required Textbooks:

Recommended Texts:

Course Description:
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the elementary aspects of New Testament Greek. The course covers vocabulary, basic inflections, syntax, and beginning grammar. Students will be encouraged to proceed at their own pace insofar as possible.

Student Expectations
[Student expectations are set forth in the catalog. This section clarifies matters addressed therein as they pertain to this class.]
Attendance Policy
The school attendance policy will be followed. Evaluation criteria and the probability of success in language learning are heavily weighted in favor of regular class attendance. Especially in languages, much learning takes place during class. Students whose unexcused absences exceed one week of class will be dropped. Students dropped are required to meet with the professor and submit their written plan for maintaining attendance and progress in the class before reinstatement. Evaluation is heavily weighted in favor of regular class attendance and unexcused absences may lower the student's final grade up to a grade point (see below under "criteria for evaluation"). Excused absences are available only through contact with the instructor within 24 hours after class is missed or in advance. The student is responsible for consulting with the instructor when absent and is responsible for obtaining and completing all assignments.

Classroom Conduct
Students must arrive at class on time. (See catalog.) A student who must arrive at class late is expected to enter class without being disruptive and wait until after class to explain the reason for his or her tardiness. Three tardies is considered the equivalent of one absence for attendance policy enforcement.

Late Assignments
Homework must be turned in on time or early. Late work will be accepted only during the next class period after the work was due, and may be penalized 10%. Especially in language classes, it is imperative that the student be regular and consistent in study and keep up. Daily in-class work and quizzes cannot be made up. Makeup examinations are not generally available in this class.

Withdrawal Procedure
Class withdrawal procedures are set forth in the catalog and must be followed. The student must initiate an official process. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdraw. The student who neither attends nor drops the class will receive an "F" grade for the semester.

Goals and Objectives

Criteria for Evaluation
The successful student will master all course objectives to some degree. The successful student will cooperate with the professor in a mutually stimulating and exciting learning experience. Evaluation will be based upon mastery of these goals and objectives as reflected in class participation, quizzes, homework and examinations.
Class Requirements:


500 Attendance (~45 meetings/~45 homework/~30 daily quizzes/15-20 exercises/~30 labs)

300 Examinations (3)

200 Final Exam

1000 Total points possible

Grading Scale [% of possible points]

A 90-100%

B 80-89%

C 70-79%

D 60-69%

F <60%

Note: This syllabus is an agreement between the student and the instructor of BIBLE 161. The professor reserves the right to amend any or all of this syllabus as he deems necessary during the course of the semester, and will promptly notify all students involved of the changes.

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